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How to keep your kids safe online

How to keep your kids safe online

Kidscast is the new online destination for children to find fun and engaging content! Children aged 3 to 12 can go on Kidscast to explore, discover and learn through games, shows and fun activities.

In an increasingly digital world, our kids are heading online more and more to look for entertainment so Kidscast is sure to be a hit with young ones everywhere.

At, we believe the internet is a really handy resource for keeping children entertained and educated, however we also realise that a lot of parents worry about the dangers of the internet. Without close supervision, children can easily be exposed to things they really shouldn’t see but let’s face it, who has time to constantly monitor their kids’ internet usage?

So how can we keep our children safe on the web? Here are our top tips for protecting kids online:

Parental controls

First thing’s first is setting up parental controls. These are software and tools which safeguard children and prevent them from being on sites they shouldn’t be. There are a number of different controls which you can set up but the essential ones are:

• Filters – to block violent and explicit content
• Ad blockers – to prevent pop ups and inappropriate
• Privacy – restricting the information that children can share

Most internet providers offer parental control settings so get in touch with your provider and find out what options are available.


Does an app or site for kids have independent accreditation? is accredited by UK.CCIS and also by CoppaKidsafe. These are signs of assurance for parents that their children will be safe and operating in a protected and monitored environment. Phew, that’s a weight off your mind already!

Rules and boundaries

As well as putting controls in place, it’s always a good idea to teach your children how to protect themselves. Talk to your kids and make them aware of some of the dangers they might face and how they can be avoided. For example, children should be taught not to share personal information or their location on social media. You may also want to give them certain boundaries such as ‘don’t talk to strangers online’ and ‘never arrange to meet up with someone you speak to on the internet’.

Do you worry about your children using the internet? At, Kidscast gets a big seal of approval because it’s a safe and secure environment that kids can browse freely without advertisements, external links and in-app purchases. Click here to find out more

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