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How to keep your kids safe online

How to keep your kids safe online

In today’s modern world PC’s and Apps are a huge part of children’s lives, with many experiencing them before they can walk and talk. As a parent it can be difficult to know exactly what experiences they are having and whether or not they are appropriate.  Here we take a look at how to safeguard your children online.


We always talk to our kids about what happened at school that day, things they enjoyed and things they didn’t, so why not do this with their online experiences? Regular conversations will make your children feel comfortable talking to you  about what they do online and will provide an opportunity for you to discuss appropriate online behaviour and steer them in the right direction if you feel they are entering dangerous territory.


Children love to learn new things, especially when it comes to technology.  Teach yours how to set privacy settings on their social media accounts and explain the dangers of sharing too much information.

Implement the face to face rule

The easiest way to teach children to be safe online, especially younger ones, is with the face to face rule.  Every time they go to do something online, children just need to ask themselves would I do this face to face.  For example they wouldn’t talk to a stranger, be abusive or give a stranger a picture of themselves so why do it online.

The online world doesn’t need to be a scary place for parents if you simply implement these few simple steps to safeguard your kids!

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