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How to make going to the doctors easier for your little ones

How to make going to the doctors easier for your little ones

Over recent days we’ve been having fun with the new Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital range of toys. Doc McStuffins is a favourite character with so many children and the new toy range lets them act out their favourite Toy Hospital scenes! However it occurred to us that when it comes to actually visiting a hospital or doctor’s surgery a lot of children are really frightened.

Going to the doctors is such an unfamiliar experience for little ones so it’s no surprise they are daunted at first! Being inspected by a stranger with scary-looking tools is no fun for adults let alone small children!

The Toy Hospital theme for Doc McStuffins will no doubt help your children become a bit more relaxed about doctor visits but here are a few more handy tips to help them along the way:

Relax: Anxiousness can be contagious when taking your little one to the doctors. If you’re panicking and acting nervous, chances are they will pick up on this and start to worry themselves so our first tip is to relax!

Distractions and fun: Distracting your child in the run up to a doctors’ visit will prevent them from worrying and getting worked up. The more they panic and get upset, the worse the whole experience will be for everyone involved! Many doctor’s surgeries and hospital wards will have toys and games which little ones can play with before their appointment so check with the receptionist and see how they can help.
You can also make the experience more fun by letting them bring their favourite stuffed toy or a comfort blanket if they’re really young.

Role Play: Toys such as the Doc McStuffins Role Play and Bag Sets which include different tools are great for helping your child overcome their fear. As they play with toys such as these they’ll soon learn that people can’t get better again if they don’t let the doctor diagnose them!

Rewards: Rewarding your children after their appointment and assuring them that they did well will help get rid of nerves in the future. You can also ask the doctor to help you reassure your kids that they did well… a good old fashioned sticker from the doctor can go a long way!

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