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How to make Peppa Pig Christmas decorations

How to make Peppa Pig Christmas decorations

A craft activity always goes down well with little ones, so in celebration of the Peppa Pig toys takeover we’ve created some fun Peppa Pig decoration ideas for Christmas. The activities are quick and easy with minimal mess, so there should be smiles all round, as kids create their very own Peppa Pig decorations! Read on to discover more.

Hanging drawings

You will need:
• 3 sheets of blank A4 paper or card
• Scissors
• Colouring pencils or paint
• Wooden clothes pegs
• Red and Green ribbon or strong thread
• Glue

Being by cutting each A4 sheet into 4 smaller sheets and you should end up with 12 cards, in total. Enlist your children to draw or paint a Peppa Pig picture on each card. While the little ones are busy crafting, glue the wooden clothes pegs onto your ribbon or thread, making sure they are all evenly spaced. Once the kids have finished their designs, attach the sheets to the pegs and hang their lovely creations across a mantelpiece, door or wherever you fancy!

Peppa Pig Tree decorations

You will need:
• Peppa Pig cookie cutters (or a template of Peppa Pig’s head)
• Pink card
• Child scissors
• Colouring pencils, paint, and any other craft materials you have such as glitter pens and tissue paper
• White string
• Hole puncher

Take your pink card and draw several outlines of Peppa Pig’s head. You may also want to guide your kids by drawing outlines of Peppa’s eyes, ears, smile and nose! Give the craft materials to your little ones and get them to create fun Peppa faces. Once they’re complete, help the kids to cut out their Peppa faces and then use the hole-puncher to make a single hole in between Peppa’s ears. Thread the white string through the hole and tie a knot to secure it in place. Now let your children give their creations pride of place on the Christmas tree!

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