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How to recreate a cinema experience at home

How to recreate a cinema experience at home

Going to the cinema is one of life’s simplest pleasures and it’s such a lovely way to enjoy downtime with the kids! The We’re Going on a Bear Hunt DVD was released recently so for a cosy day in what better occasion to recreate a cinema experience at home with your little ones!


  1. First thing’s first is setting the scene: choose the comfiest room in the house, set the lights low and make the TV the main attraction. Extra blankets and cushions may be necessary!
  2. When we think of the cinema, the first thing that comes to mind is popcorn! Buy some large bags and fill bowls for your little cinema goers – or alternatively, get some microwave popcorn so it fills the house with a delicious smell just like at the cinema! Pick n Mix bags of sweets or healthy alternatives will also be appreciated! Why not create an interval too and have one person be responsible for handing out snacks, just like in an old fashioned cinema!
  3. Another nice touch is to create little tickets for each of the kids to present as they enter the room. Write the name of the film, the screening room details, seat numbers and the date on the admission ticket and ask to see it before they walk in.

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