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How word games can help develop literacy skills in children

How word games can help develop literacy skills in children

When we talk about literacy we would all normally think of it as reading and writing, but there are many fun word games that can help children develop their literacy skills.

Games can played while driving in the car from pre-school, or when you are at the park or in the supermarket. Also it’s important to remember that when you are playing games to focus on speech and language, you will also be working on social skills, turn-taking, observing, listening and attention, so it’s a win-win situation.

There are many games available to help encourage these skills from the youngest of ages such as the brand new My First BANANAGRAMS. This is exactly the type of word game that can help ripen your little learner’s vocabulary.

Many of you may be familiar with the fast paced anagram game BANANAGRAMS, but this new version differs slightly offering colourful lower case letter tiles and double letter tiles, making it easier for younger children to complete their word grid. The game also includes a collection of 10 curriculum based mini games that are designed to become more challenging, as confidence and vocabulary grows.

See what else is available in the Bananagrams collection in our handy product guide here!

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