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Hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets in children’s school bags

Hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets in children’s school bags

A study has found that children take an average of £270 worth of gadgets into the classroom with them, despite parents’ fears relating to children’s use of technology and a lack of social skills. With schoolchildren getting ready to return to school after the summer holidays, parents are filling their school bags with smartphones and tablets worth hundreds of pounds each, as price comparison site uSwitch have discovered.

Despite this finding, parents had mixed views about their children’s increased use of technology, with around 50 per cent of parents saying that technology is an advantage to children as it gives them access to educational resources. However, the other half of parents felt that the introduction of increased technology in schools is a disadvantage to pupils, as it can compromise a child’s ability to make friends, lead to bullying and even increase the amount of stealing at school.

Anti-bullying charities such as Kidscape are urging parents to choose the gadgets that their children take to school carefully due to an increase in cases of gadget-related bullying, and schools have been told to raise more awareness about the issue of bullying relating to the use of technology.

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