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Ice Cream Magic Tray

Ice Cream Magic Tray

The ChillFactor range invites kids to not only enjoy their favourite chilled snacks but to go one step further and create their own! One of the newest products is the Ice Cream Magic Tray which promises to make tasty ice cream in an instant. Read on to find out more.

Ice Cream Magic Tray RRP £19.99

With the Ice Cream Magic Tray, you simply have to freeze the metallic plate and then, once it’s ready, pour your ingredients onto the plate and use the spatula to transform your mix into perfectly smooth ice cream.

The Ice Cream Magic Tray really is magic; within seconds you’ll have delicious ice cream to enjoy! The playset is easy to use and children will have so much fun creating ice cream from scratch. An added bonus is that the tray comes with a jug for the mixture and a spatula for churning. verdict: Making ice cream has never been so simple! The playset is incredibly fun and easy for children to use, and the fresh ice cream tastes so good that mums will be borrowing the Magic tray for themselves!

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