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Insomnia could be down to your genes!

Insomnia could be down to your genes!

Many mums lose sleep, whether your little one is getting you up in the middle of the night or you are stressed about trying to fit a million and one jobs into one day - it can be hard to switch off and relax after a busy day. A new study places the blame at your genes for those long sleepless nights.

According to the Daily Mail a Dutch study has identified seven genes that put people at an increased risk of developing sleeplessness. The research led by scientists at Vrije University in Amsterdam included mapping the DNA of more than 113,000 people from across Britain and the Netherlands.

Their discovery distinguished that suffering with sleep problems is biological rather than psychological issue. They noted that there were genetic mutations linked to sleep problems, these were more common in women than men – bad news for us ladies!

On a positive note this is a whole new approach to understanding insomnia and gives hope to the third of UK adults who have sleep problems. This means that targeted treatments could be developed, rather than the ten million prescriptions for sleeping tablets that are made each year!

Sleep specialist Professor Eus Van Someren said: “Insomnia is all too often dismissed as being “all in your head”.

“Our research brings a new perspective. Insomnia is also in the genes.” The professor, whose work is published in the Nature Genetics journal, said he hoped the breakthrough will lead to far more research into sleep problems, which he said have been neglected in the past.

Maybe there’s hope for us mums to have that heavenly 8 hours of sleep after all! Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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