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Is Jeremy McConnell the ultimate rat of 2016?

Is Jeremy McConnell the ultimate rat of 2016?

Fourth rate celebrity Jeremy McConnell has been slated on social medial following a bizarre story, in Reveal Magazine where he outs an ex girlfriend (thought to be the heavily Stephanie Davis) for allegedly 'sh*tting' her self whilst out with him for a meal.

The ex-Mr Dublin and former celebrity Big Brother housemate depicted his "ordeal" as one of his worse dates ever.  Since his story broke, the wannabe celebrity has been slated by social media, and we at would like to add our own opinion... that this has to be the most idiotic headline grab attempt of the year. What an idiot some people will do anything for headlines!!!

Even if the lady in question, wasn't Stephanie....grow up Jeremy, you're about to become a father! (Allegedly!) 

What do you think to Jeremy's article? Will this Z-List celebrity do anything for a headline? Let us know through our Twitter and Facebook page!

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