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Is our love for avocado ruining our summer bod?

Is our love for avocado ruining our summer bod?

Are we so obsessed with eating ‘healthy snacks’ that we don’t realise how many calories we are actually consuming? Now while avocado is a popular choice for brunch on a Sunday, are we beginning to eat too much of it that it is actually making us put on weight and not lose it!

A new trend in healthy eating is turning dieters towards healthy snacking alternatives like popcorn and nuts. They view these options as clean eating but if the portion control is not right then they could actually be doing themselves more harm than good!

Healthy snacks like nuts, dark chocolate, nut butter and avocado has become staples for the health conscious. Many dieters are actually unknowingly sabotaging their diet due to poor portion control when it comes to these healthy snacks!

If we are unaware of the correct portion sizes we should be eating when snacking whether it is healthy or unhealthy then we could consume in an excess amount of approximately 300 calories per snack, resulting in unwanted weight gain! Not good if you need to fit into a bikini soon!

Our advice to you is keep up the clean eating you are doing a good job reaching for the dark chocolate over a mars bar at night, but please be portion conscious if your aim is to lose a few extra pounds this summer.

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