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Is the current workload of GPs causing a crisis?

Is the current workload of GPs causing a crisis?

As many of us are already aware it can be a real struggle to have an appointment with your GP quickly unless seriously urgent, but why is this?

Many believe it is because of the GPs ever growing workload topped with the struggle of retention and recruitment in the field. Research by the King’s Fund found that face to face and telephone appointments have increased by 15% in the past five years.

The report's lead author Beccy Baird told Sky News: "One of the biggest reasons we found that GPs were at least not considering working full time in general practice was the intensity of the working day."

This has left GPs struggling to cope. Almost half of the GPs who left the profession between 2009 and 2014 were younger than 50, highlighting just how much of a retention problem there is.

However, even with the rising waiting lists and struggles to book an appointment, we believe we still have the best health service. After all we live in a world where care comes free, and not many countries can say that.

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