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It’s school nativity season!

It’s school nativity season!

How does the thought of your child’s school nativity leave you feeling? Parents have opened up with their thoughts, and they make for very interesting reading!

Little ones playing characters from the Christmas story, from Mary and Joseph and the Angel Gabriel to sheep, can be ever so emotional, can’t they? "I absolutely weep at these events. I have no idea why," one mum is quoted as saying by the BBC.

But others admitted nativities were the cause of much tension, with one saying that they were "stressful to create but a pleasure to watch”. One parent dared to say: "Trust me, school plays are a nightmare. By the time Christmas comes. I'm all, 'Bah humbug'."
Are you one of the parents for whom their child’s nativity invokes feelings of anxiety, afraid of awkward on-stage moments, such as a mid-scene melt-down or of son or daughter being the tone deaf voice in the choir (oh dear!)?

These parents’ revealing comments got the team at UKMums.TV thinking. Are you in the school nativity plays are dire or delightful camp? Do they fill you with dread or have you shouting with pride from the rooftops? Let us know your thoughts! Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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