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It's the Teletubbies 20th Anniversary!

It's the Teletubbies 20th Anniversary!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Teletubbies! Can you believe they've been giving big hugs and tubby-tastic fun for two decades?  To celebrate this amazing milestone, here are 20 reasons why we love the Teletubbies!

  1. Children all around the world love Teletubbies! The series has been translated into 45 languages and over 33 million DVDs have been sold!
  2. Not only is it fun, the series has been given a thumbs up from children’s experts saying that the programme is great for children’s communication and language skills!
  3. Everybody loves Tubby Custard!
  4. Children can always count on the Teletubbies – did you know that before the 2014 reboot, 365 episodes were made so children could enjoy a different show on every day of the year?
  5. They are cool enough to have their own day on March 28th AKA Teletubbies Day!
  6. In 2007 they were given their own keys to New York  - if that’s not rock n roll then we don’t know what is?!
  7. They celebrate diversity and promote self-expression
  8. Taylor Swift was a fan of the original series, meaning it must be cool!
  9. They rub shoulders with celebs and were most recently spotted on The One Show with Holly Willoughby
  10. It’s all so cute… the Sun Baby, the laughter, the giggles!
  11. They have a UK number 1 single called Say Eh-Oh which was released in December 2007!
  12. They’re educational! Kids can learn colours, numbers, shapes and so much more.
  13. They’re nostalgic! Everyone has early memories of the Teletubbies from all those years ago!
  14. Noo-noo is so cheeky!
  15. It might be their 20th anniversary but the Teletubbies never age – we want to know their secret!
  16. They’re musical and can inspire kids to learn how to play an instrument!
  17. Teletubbies are super cuddly! Check out the plush toys here!
  18. Their fun phrases! ‘Tubby Bye Bye’ and ‘Big Hugs’!
  19. Each Teletubby has a different personality; Tinky Winky is a dreamer, Dipsy loves to dance, Laa-Laa is energetic, and Po is cute but feisty!
  20. That Tubby Toast always lands directly on the Tubby Plates!

What do you and your children love about the Teletubbies? Share your Teletubbies stories with us @ukmumstv!

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