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Jack Whitehall’s best one liners!

Jack Whitehall’s best one liners!

Despite not being an obvious first choice, comedian Jack Whitehall hosted the Brit Awards last night and he’s proven to be very good at his day job with some hilarious one-liners and a bit of celeb bashing!

Here’s a couple of his best bits from the show:

Little Mix’s Jesy and her accent

Jack sat with Little Mix who were up for best video. He pointed out that last month the band hit three million views on YouTube. Wow!

Commening on the YouTube success whilst completely roasting band member Jessy he said “Only two billion of those are people watching you try to do a Jamaican accent Jesy.”

He was of course referring to when the singer tried to do a Jamaican accent! Awkward..

Watch Jesy’s attempt below

The writings on the wall for Sam Smith

Oscar-winner Sam Smith was among the guests and performers but even he didn’t escape Jack’s witty jokes.

“If you like Adele’s songs but find them too upbeat you’re in for a treat.” Jack said. “Sam Smith will be performing.” Ooooh burn!

Getting close with Cheryl and Liam Payne

The comedian joined the couple at their table and referred to Liam as “Cheryl’s plus one”. He asked them how their “date night” was going and he said he had a big question for them.

“I know it’s past his bedtime but is the fella watching at home?”

He told them that they should give him a wave just in case. Everyone thought he must have been referring to their son, but oh no…
“Hello Niall”, Jack added. Ooops.

Did you find Jack’s jokes hilarious? We certainly did! Share your thoughts with us @UKMumstv

To read more about Jack’s best bits from the show read more here

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