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Jennifer Gardener puts the kids in charge with “Yes Day”!

Jennifer Gardener puts the kids in charge with “Yes Day”!

As mums it can feel like all we do is say “no” to our kids. Whether they’re asking to stay up late on a school night or they want an extra biscuit after dinner. Mums are very well spoken in the language of “no”! But some days do you want to break away from being the naggy parent and just say “yes”?

Why not follow in Jennifer Gardener’s steps and do something different with your kids? One day a year she says yes to her kids every request. This is the fifth year on the trot that she has kept up this tradition with her three children, Violet who is 11, Seraphina who is eight and Samuel who is five.

The actress explained that her inspiration came from a children’s book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal where one day a year adults say yes to their kids request, whether it’s sleeping in the garden or staying up all night watching films. Gardener’s kids have taken this quite literal as for the fifth year in a row they have chosen to sleep in a tent in the back garden! We’re not sure we quite have the weather for that here in the UK!

We’re warning you though a “yes day” can be exhausting, you only need to look at Jennifer Gardener’s tired mums face on her Instagram post to see that! Following the “yes day” she wrote:

“You’ll never need coffee more than the day after “Yes Day!”. #fiveyearsrunning #wesleptinatent #inthebackyard #coffeeismyyesday #yesday #nationalcoffeeday #imgettingthehangofhashtags (“Yes Day!"-- a fantastic children's book by @missamykr)”

The Hollywood star’s Instagram posts was filled with praise as parents said how they loved the idea of a “yes day” and shared some of their own experiences. Kids love the idea of being in charge and for one day it can be really fun for both parent and child.
If you’re thinking about doing a yes day here’s some tips:

1. Prepare – ask your kids a couple of days before what they might like to do so that you can get any supplies you might need like a tent or baking ingredients.

2. No distractions – put away the work phone and pick a day when your kids can have your undivided attention

3. Enjoy – yes days can be really fun so just go with the flow and use this opportunity as a chance to reconnect with your kids and make some incredible memories

Would you ever do a “yes day” with your kids? Or do you already do one? Let us know your thoughts on “yes days” on Facebook and Twitter.

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