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Kate & Mim-Mim Toys Product Guide

Kate & Mim-Mim Toys Product Guide

We’ve teamed up with Just Play, the toy makers, to give you the low-down on the new range of Kate & Mim-Mim toys!
The brand new Kate & Mim-Mim range offers great variety for the fans of the adventurous 5-year-old Kate, and her toy bunny buddy Mim-Mim, to choose from. So if they love the programme, here’s our guide to the toys that are now available:

1. Magic Twirl Mim-Mim:  An exciting interactive Mim-Mim toy with music, sounds and phrases! Simply hold Mim-Mim’s hand to hear him say “Kate and Mim-Mim, me and you, let’s twirl away to Mimiloo!” other sounds and phrases can be heard by simply pushing Mim-Mim’s tummy.   Fans will absolutely love Magic Twirl Mim-Mim because they can be just like Kate and twirl away on adventures with their toy bunny buddy. RRP: £29.99

2. Jumbo Mim-Mim: Chances are your little ones will want a cute Mim-Mim bunny of their own.  Kate’s funny bunny friend is a great companion on all her adventures and the Jumbo Mim-Mim will most definitely become a child’s new best friend, you can even pose his ears for extra entertainment. RRP: £19.99

3. Kate Doll with Mim-Mim Figure: For fans of Kate, the new Kate doll is the ideal toy! The poseable doll’s arms, legs and head all move for maximum imaginative play. The set also comes with a mini Mim-Mim figure to re-enact adventures from the show! RRP £17.99

4. Collectible Figure Pack:  The collectible figures are perfect for little ones to create their own adventures in Mimiloo! The pack includes five key characters which children will recognise instantly from the show, Kate, Mim-Mim, Lily, Boomer and Tack. RRP £12.99

5. Soft Toys: The Kate & Mim-Mim soft toys are cute little characters which your little ones will love cuddling! There are four different characters to collect, including Kate and the adorable Mim-Mim, Lily and Boomer! RRP: £7.99

The new toy range is perfect for encouraging imagination and creativity in children, just like the TV show! Do your children watch Kate & Mim-Mim? Which one of the new toys would they choose?

Click here to shop the Kate & Mim Mim range.

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