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Kevin Myers sacked from Sunday Times after offensive article

Kevin Myers sacked from Sunday Times after offensive article

Sunday columnist, Kevin Myers has been sacked for his offensive comments about women’s pay.

The article which was published in the Sunday Times Ireland yesterday addressed the issue of gender pay gap in the pay report published by the BBC last week. As part of his article, Kevin Myers argued that men usually work harder, are not sick as often as women and cannot get pregnant so don’t require time off work. It’s quite ridiculous to think that an article this offensive could have been published!

His comments about Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz prompted huge backlash on social media as Kevin Myers highlighted that the reason they probably got paid more than other women presenters at the BBC was because they are Jewish!

The article will have passed through many hands before it was published so we would be naïve to think that nobody would have read it before it went to print. The editor has since called printing the article an error in judgement and has confirmed that Kevin Myers will not write again for The Sunday Times Ireland and a printed apology will appear in next week's paper.

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