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Kids Hurt in Rollercoaster Plunge

Kids Hurt in Rollercoaster Plunge

Families are going through a horrific time after a carriage came off the rails at a theme park at the weekend. It fell onto a children’s ride below and youngsters have been badly hurt. We can’t imagine what their parents must be going through!

Eight children were seriously hurt and five others injured when the Tsunami ride shot off at M&D’s theme park in Motherwell. As the Mirror reports, horrified families tried to free people from the wreckage of the Tsunami ride on Saturday afternoon.

It has now been confirmed the whole theme park is "closed until further notice" and a joint investigation by Police Scotland and the Health and Safety Executive is underway. It is thought around nine people were on the ride, which can travel at speeds of up to 65kmph through corkscrew twists, turns and loops.

One witness is quoted as saying: “A group of dads were trying to tip the rollercoaster carriage over to get access to the kids who were trapped inside but the thing was solid. When the reality of the situation struck everyone, there were kids in floods of tears and adults desperately trying to find their loved ones amid the chaos, with hundreds of people either trying to make their way to the exits or to offer their help at the scene."
It’s a nightmare scenario! We hope all those who were injured get better very soon.

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