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Kids to miss school today over exams

Kids to miss school today over exams

Thousands of parents plan to take their children out of school today in protest over SATs exams for seven and 11-year-olds.

The BBC is reporting that more than 40,000 parents have signed a petition calling for a boycott of the primary school tests due to be taken this month. They warn schools are becoming exam factories, and testing stresses children and makes them feel like failures.

It is not yet certain how many children will be kept off school today but the Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign, which is organising the boycott, complain children are “over-tested” and “over-worked”. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan says taking pupils out of school even for a day is harmful to their education.

Fiona Robertson, a parent and primary teacher who is planning to take her children out of school, is quoted by the BBC as saying such tests can "turn children off" school and that a narrow emphasis on testing and completing targets was taking away children's creativity. "They're not producing really imaginative pieces. They're too scared to," she said.

Here at UKMum’s.TV we’d be interested to know if you’re letting your kids off school today for the SATs boycott. Let us know why on Facebook or Twitter.

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