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Kim Kardashian loses over 100,000 followers after un-airbrushed pics surface

Kim Kardashian loses over 100,000 followers after un-airbrushed pics surface

Kim Kardashian-West has possibly the most famous bum in the world – we’ve all seen a lot of it! It’s clear that as her fame has grown so has her backside. She’s certainly never been shy of a bum pic; you only have to look at her Paper magazine cover to figure that out.

Kim Kardashian may be the Queen of social media, but is her crown slipping? It seems that some unfavourable snaps of her famous derriere took the internet by storm this week and have caused her to lose 100,000 Instagram followers. The star was papped on a trip to Mexico with friends and older sister Kourtney earlier this week. During the trip, some un-airbrushed snaps of Kim’s behind were posted online, which showed Kim with cellulite on her world-famous rear.

The less than flattering paparazzi shots of her famous asset left her followers outraged. Many took to social media in outrage as they declared they had been fed a lie. They realised that she had been photoshopping all of her social media images to create a flawless yet unrealistic image of herself. Is this a sign of her fans rebelling against her?

The unfiltered snap exposes Kim with actual flaws on what people had long thought was a perfect backside. While she has cellulite like most normal people up and down the country, her followers were left outraged because they felt they had been deceived. While she has lost 100,000 followers she remains the 5th most followed person on Instagram and still has 98.7 million Instagram followers so she’s not doing too badly.

Do you think she still the queen of social media? Or has the Keeping up with the Kardashians star finally lost her crown? Let us know you thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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