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Kind Cashier Saves Kids Meltdown

Kind Cashier Saves Kids Meltdown

Mums, we’ve all been there haven’t we? That moment when you’re in the supermarket with your child who decides it’s the ideal opportunity to make a scene, causing major embarrassment to yourself in front of other shoppers.

That’s why this heart-warming story of a kind cashier saving the day has caught UKMums.TV’s attention.

In a Facebook post which has now gone viral, mum Amanda Wilkins described how her children became overwhelmed while shopping at a branch of Morrisons and had a "meltdown", prompting a kind response from a cashier called Lin.

As the BBC reports, Amanda posted a "massive thank you" along with a photo of Lin helping her daughter scan the family's shopping. She praised her patience with the girls.

She said it was a "dream come true" for her daughter Holly "who loves playing 'shops'", adding that "little acts of kindness make a massive difference to my world".

Amanda’s post has been shared widely - more than 90,000 times by midday yesterday. It has also attracted more than half a million likes. In addition to all of the social media praise, Lin’s manager has presented her with a bouquet of flowers from the team.

Charlene Hewlett commented on the Facebook post: "This lady is always so happy and makes such an effort with every person she serves! Great to see her being recognised. Keep up the great work!"

UKMums.TV salutes you, Lin.

Have your kids caused embarrassing moments where the kindness of strangers helped save the day? If so, we’d love to know about it. Share your experiences with us over Facebook and Twitter.

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