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Laura and Jason Kenny announce pregnancy

Laura and Jason Kenny announce pregnancy

Have you heard the news? Cycling’s golden couple, Laura and Jason Kenny, who have 10 Olympic gold medals between them and married in September, have announced they’re expecting their first child. Huge congrats to them both!

They made the big announcement by sharing the sweetest snap on Instagram of two adult bikes alongside a child’s bike. Little baby Kenny will no doubt inherit their cycling skills! As the MailOnline reports, Luke Lloyd-Davies, the couple’s agent, confirmed the news by saying: “I can confirm that Laura Kenny is indeed pregnant and that she, Jason and their respective families are absolutely thrilled and delighted with the news.”

Here at UKMums.TV, we wish them both a happy pregnancy. We’re sure the time will fly by and it won’t be long before baby booties join their haul of Olympic gold medals. The news also got us thinking about pregnancy announcements in general. Baby scans on Facebook are now commonplace but parents-to-be are also getting a lot more creative when it comes to sharing their exciting news. We’ve seen everything from lined up paperclips of varying sizes to a carved out pumpkin with a mini pumpkin inside (at Halloween, of course)!

How did you make your pregnancy public? Did you share the news on social media as soon as possible, or wait until it was obvious before telling your nearest and dearest in person. Perhaps you’ve seen a particularly creative pregnancy announcement on social media. Share your experiences with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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