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Let’s meet the PJ Masks heroes!

Let’s meet the PJ Masks heroes!

In celebration of the brand new toy collection, PJ Masks have taken over this week so let us introduce the three main characters from this exciting hit TV series and share some interesting facts about each of them!


• Catboys’s special powers include Super Cat Speed, Cat Ears (super hearing) and Super Cat Leap
• The vehicle Catboy uses to save the day is called Cat-Car and he thinks it’s awesome.  It’s not only the fastest and coolest car on the road, it also has cat-like abilities just like him
• During the daytime when he’s not a super hero, he likes to pretend that he’s Master Fang, his ultimate hero! 
• As the oldest of the three, his favourite part of being a part of the PJ Masks trio is learning to be the best leader
• If he could have another power it would be Ice Powers so he could change water into ice and not worry about getting wet!


• Super Lizard Grip, Super Gekko Camouflage and Super Gekko Muscles are Gekko’s three unique powers
• Gekko thinks his vehicle is the best!  His Gekko-Mobile can swim underwater AND drive on land!  It has a really strong tail that can knock over anything and just like him it can camouflage to stay hidden from the villains! 
• When he’s not being a hero he likes to explore nature – he love frogs, lizards . . . basically anything slimey.
• His favourite part of being in the PJ Masks team is using his AWESOME super powers to stop the pesky villains from doing bad stuff!
• If he could have another superpower it would be to Super-Size himself – he wants to be able to grow into a giant whenever he wants


• Owlette’s powers include Super Owl Wings, Owl Eyes (super eyesight) and Owl Wing Wind.
• Owlette’s vehicle is known as the Owl-Glider and flies just like her.  Its Owl Beams can light up even the darkest night!
• Owlette likes to ride her bike and she loves to play football. She’s super competitive
• Her favourite part of being in the PJ Masks team is soaring above the city to watch out for the villains and help  her friends!
• If she could have another superpower, it would be Flossy Flash’s ‘think and find’ power

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