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Let us introduce you to the Pet Vet – Doc McStuffins!

Let us introduce you to the Pet Vet – Doc McStuffins!

This summer, Doc McStuffins is turning her attention to healing toy animals as she puts on her new look paw print scrubs and introduces pet toys to the patient list.

To celebrate, toy maker, Flair has introduced a whole exciting new collection of Pet Vet toys so your little budding vets can get in on the action.

Let us give you a rundown on some of the top new toys on the list and let you know what we think;

Doc McStuffins Interactive Doll and Pets - £49.99

The Dottie doll in the Pet Vet Interactive Doc McStuffins Doll, repeats phrases from the hit TV show and interacts with her pets. Among the patient list for treatments is Findo the Animatronic Puppy and a remote control fluff ball called Squibbles.

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Bag - £22.99

Children can help Doc with her expert diagnoses of the animal ailments with the Pet Vet Bag! The brightly coloured bag, with paw print detailing, opens and closes and includes sparkly Vet Clinic tools such as a brush, a comb and a pair of scissors to help take care of their pets.

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Desk - £49.99

Little ones will love helping Doc cure their pets Boo Boo's at Doc's Pet Vet Clinic. They can give Findo an X-Ray, check his heart is healthy on the heart monitor, weigh him on the scales, and record his weight, and that’s just the beginning of it!

Find and Fetch Findo - £29.99

Findo is Doc's pet dog from the Show and he’s been brought to life with this new animatronic toy dog! Attach the lead to Findo and take him for a walk, he might even use his nose to fetch his bone. Children can also brush Findo's head with the dog brush to hear him bark.

What does think?

We at have always loved the Doc McStuffins collection, but this new range covers even more play value! We gave it 9/10!

To see the full collection visit

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