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Little Live Pets Product Guide

Little Live Pets Product Guide loved the Little Live Pets when they first flew into kids’ hearts in 2014 and now they’re back with some brand new additions including: new Tweet Talking Birds and Flutter Wing butterflies, a delightful Mummy Owl & Baby, Lil’ Turtles, Lil’ Mice and Sweet

Talkin’ Pets including a puppy, kitten and duckling too.  There are just so many cute pets for children to collect.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Mice

The brand new Little Live Pets Mice are cute scootin’ Lil friends who are full of personality! These adventurous little mice love to scamper and scurry and explore (SRP £9.99). Kids can also add a Mouse Trail (SRP £14.99) or a Mouse House (SRP £19.99) to complete their collection!

Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtles

Meet your new pet friends, the Little Live Pets Turtles who are making a big splash! Available to buy for £9.99. Kids can take home their new turtles in the Lil’ Turtle Tank (SRP £19.99) which makes the perfect home for these amphibious friends.

Little Live Pets Flutter Wings Butterflies

Now there’s a whole new collection of adorable Flutter Wings Butterflies to collect.  With sparkle wings, the more you feed them and play with them the more they flutter!  Now with a flower pad, these butterflies, (SRP £9.99) also come with a suction cup display holder to decorate your children’s bedroom windows.

Little Live Pets Sweet Talkin’ Pets

Sweet Talkin’ Pets (SRP £9.99) are playful pals which can speak, repeat words and come to life. In this fun range there are six different pets to collect including cute kitties, playful pups and a loveable duck.

Little Live Pets Tweet Talkin’ Birds

The Tweet Talkin’ Birds (SRP£ 9.99) are one of the most popular toys in the collection and have all new designs for 2015. Pet your bird to make it sing, the more you love it the more it will sing!  Talk to your Tweet Talkin’ Bird and it will record your voice and play it back too!


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