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Love Island contestant admits to feeling insecure

Love Island contestant admits to feeling insecure

Have you been watching Love Island? The reality TV show that has gripped the nation and divided opinions is now in full swing of its third series.

It’s safe to say that series three of Love Island has been the best yet with most of the housemates coupled off into romantic duos! Although this show is primarily about games and coupling up, last night we saw a vulnerability to one of the housemates that we are sure most women can relate to.

Last night Gabby, who is usually one of the most positive girls in the villa and the one the other girls go to when they are upset broke down into tears and said that she felt that she was the ‘ugliest girl in the villa’.

Although she is in one of the strongest romances she admitted that she felt unattractive when the new boys in the villa didn’t chose to take her on a date. Her boyfriend Marcel was quick to comfort her and give her the reassurance she needed! He swooped in and said:
'I love you just the way you are. Honestly, you are amazing, forget everyone else in this villa, it doesn't matter what they look like if they're taller than you, if they've got bigger boobs than you.

'They haven't got better abs than you have they? Or a better bum. Or better eyes because your eyes are beautiful. No one is better than you in here that is a fact.'

Social media went wild with girls empathising with Gabby and saying that they have felt like that at some point! We would all like someone like Marcel to give us the confidence boost when we feel down! Have you ever struggled with insecurities? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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