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Man cuts out alcohol and coffee for two years

Man cuts out alcohol and coffee for two years

Okay, so now we’re on day 4 of the New Year and quite possibly already struggling with our resolutions to cut various things from our diet in an effort to improve our lifestyles.  New York designer, Tobias Van Schneider, did just that a couple of years ago, taking part in the now all too familiar Dry January, when we cut out all alcohol for a month.  He went one better – he cut out coffee too.  And then decided to carry on … and on … and on!

He admits that the first thing he noticed quite early on was the lack of social interaction that his new diet brought with it.  “When a group of people asks me to join them for drinks, I mostly default to answer with NO because I just don’t want to deal with gossip as a sober person” he said.

And while his social life took something of a tumble, there have also been some positives to all of this, both for his body and his wallet: cutting out on the daily routine of a couple of drinks every day after work has seen a vast improvement on his cash-flow and has also helped to improve his sleep quality, admitting that “I sleep better and I wake up with more energy.”

Removing coffee from his diet has also had benefits as the drink used to make him feel stressed out, caused problems with his digestion and increased his feelings of anxiety.

Perhaps we should all give it a try – save money, better sleep quality, fewer calories and generally feeling healthier – how long could you last?

Are you managing to stick to your resolutions for New Year?  Let us know how you are managing and what you think over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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