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Mariah Carey fans outraged at edited Paper Magazine cover

Mariah Carey fans outraged at edited Paper Magazine cover

Mariah Carey is a diva, we all know it! From her huge entourage that follow her everywhere she goes to the long list of crazy demands she has when she turns up for interviews, she is the queen of sass.

However, the singer has recently come under fire with her cover shoot for Paper Magazine as fans have accused her of heavily airbrushing the cover image. She’s never been scared to flaunt her figure, in this recent topless photo shoot she has her long tousled hair covering her front with fishnets and long black gloves. There’s no arguing that she looks incredible, but her fans were quick to slam her for distorting her true body image.

The diva is well known for her fixation on her image, it’s not the first time she has been caught out for using Photoshop. Her 2015 album cover #1 to Infinity showed the star looking very slim in a skimpy black dress and fans were quick to question if the image had been edited. The singer sparked outrage over a serious of Instagram posts that has obviously been tampered with.

The 47 year old mother undoubtedly looks great for her age but the images aren’t real, we’d like to see some unedited pictures of Mariah Carey as we think she would look just as beautiful without Photoshop. What do you think of celebs using Photoshop; does it create unrealistic images for kids to live up to? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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