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Mary Berry believes being a mum gave her an “advantage” over TV rival

Mary Berry believes being a mum gave her an “advantage” over TV rival

Who doesn’t love Mary Berry? The famous TV cook is a national treasure, isn’t she? And who doesn’t believe The Great British Bake Off was all the better for her appearance as a judge with a wealth of cooking experience behind her? However, the mum-of-three and grandmother has now made headlines for a comment which may surprise you.

She’s reported as saying she believes having children gave her an “advantage” in the kitchen over fellow TV cook Delia, who is childless, and all because she believes her kids were her toughest critics! Her comments appear to suggest she believes Delia could have benefitted from children dishing out criticism!

Mary, 81, is quoted in the Mirror as saying at an event in London this week: “Because I’ve got children, I’m very lucky because they say, ‘Don’t do that again, mum’. I always feel that Delia, who is absolutely brilliant, hasn’t had the advantage of having children like I have because you don’t get half the truths…I get truths from my husband, too, and sometimes I get really hurt.”

It’s not the first time comments about motherhood being an advantage in the professional arena have caused upset.  Cast your mind back to last year when Tory leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom quit the race after suggesting she would make a better PM than Theresa May because she had children. She claimed being a mum meant she had a “tangible stake” in the country’s future.

What do you think? Does Mary Berry have a point? And are there any areas in which you feel being a mum or dad can be an advantage? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let us know over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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