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Medal winners who went to state school grow

Medal winners who went to state school grow

It seems state school educated children are challenging their privately educated counterparts when it comes to Olympic wins. The Sutton Trust education charity analysed the backgrounds of Team GB’s medal winners at Rio and found the proportion who were state school educated has grown.

As reported by the BBC, the Trust found just under a third (32%) of Team GB's medal winners went to private school, down from 36% four years ago, and fewer than a third of the 130 Team GB medallists at the Rio Olympics attended fee-paying schools. While the 13 most successful Olympians, those who won multiple medals at Rio, were more likely to come from state schools, like cyclist Laura Trott and runner Mo Farah.

But the charity says that compared with the general population, Team GB members are still four times more likely to have been privately educated. And when it comes to rowing and hockey the proportion of privately educated players is 52% and 50% respectively.  Sutton Trust chairman Sir Peter Lampl is quoted as saying: "It's been fantastic to see a growing number of our national heroes coming from comprehensive and other state schools. But alumni of private schools are still over-represented among our medallists.”

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