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Meet Rusty and the hit characters from Rusty Rivets!

Meet Rusty and the hit characters from Rusty Rivets!

In celebration of the fab new TV Series from Nick Jr. we thought we’d introduce you to the top characters from Rusty Rivets personally right here on Mums meet Rusty and the team!

Rusty is a born leader: a confident, curious ten-year old maker, innovator and designer. He has a belt full of advanced tools and a fascination with gadgetry and machines. His ideas can sometimes seem a little wild, but they ultimately help him save the day in an inventive way. He’s a curious kid who loves figuring things out, piecing things together, and using his skills to help his community.

Ruby is Rusty’s neighbour and she has been his best friend ever since they turned her broken skateboard into a solar-powered, laser guided buggy with on-board GPS. Ruby shares Rusty’s enthusiasm for all things mechanical and electrical – she even built and programmed her own robotic pooch, Bytes!

A wildly curious, high-energy, five year old boy from down the street, Liam is a magnet for mayhem! His excitement about everything that Rusty and Ruby do is endearing, but frequently causes chaos. He tends to leap before looking, so he often needs Rusty to save him. Liam’s goal is to pack in as much living as he can form morning to night!

The Bits
The Bits are robot helpers who live in the Rivet Lab. When summoned by Rusty’s magical utility glove or Ruby’s Tablet, they whoosh out of tubes attached to their station, constructed out of old vending machines. There are four Bits to the gang; Crush, Whirly, Ray and Jack who all have their own personalities and attributes to help Rusty and Ruby with any problems they may face.

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