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Meet Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Meet Snuggles My Dream Puppy

Snuggles (£49.99) is the latest pet to join the Little Live Pets range. This super cute pup is the perfect puppy companion and has a whole host of electronic features that make him the most adorable pet around.

Are your children looking to give a loving puppy a home? If so then Snuggles may be the ideal pet for them. As soon as you look into his eyes you are guaranteed to fall in love, the more you pet and cuddle him the more he loves you back.

Snuggles moves and feels just like a real puppy. He moves his head, his eyes open and close and his tummy even moves when he breathes. He comes with a bottle which you can feed him with - listen as he makes satisfied glugging noises whilst he drinks!

Snuggles also comes with an adoption certificate to make your little ones truly feel as if they have adopted this pooch. Snuggles would be a brilliant gift for any pet lover this Christmas and can be purchased from verdict

This super cute pooch is adorable and truly looks and acts just like a pet puppy pal would. If your children want a puppy but you’re not sure about buying them the real thing, this pet is definitely the closest you can get.

The team have all fallen in love with Snuggles and are sure it’s going to be a must on Christmas lists all across the country this year. That’s why we have to score Snuggles a huge 10/10!

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