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Meet the BBC Go Jetters!

Meet the BBC Go Jetters!

Let us introduce you to the characters that make up the BBC Go Jetters team!

BBC Go Jetters is an exciting geography-based TV programme that follows the adventures of four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their disco dancing teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn. But who is who? Find out below with our guide to characters from the show:

Ubercorn is the Go Jetters’ disco-dancing, friendly and loud mentor! He guides the Go Jetters all around the world and teaches them about each landmark with his brilliant “Funky Facts”. When the Go Jetters team run into trouble whilst tackling Glitch and his naughty antics, Ubercorn is called upon to provide Click-On’s so the Go Jetters can complete their mission. As a mentor he wants the Go Jetters to take the lead, but he’s also there to answer any questions.

Grandmaster Glitch
Grandmaster Glitch is a mischievous character that can’t resist in meddling with monuments and landmarks – he never deliberately sabotages them, it’s always just a side effect to his latest play plan. Glitch is a former Go Jet Academy student, however his tendency to look for shortcuts meant he didn’t manage to graduate. He feels some sense of rivalry with the Go Jetters when they show up to clean up one of his jumbles. He’s desperate to prove anything they can do, he can do better!

Grandmaster Glitch is assisted in his naughty plans by his faithful Grimbots. Glitch thinks they’re incompentant and blames them for everything, but they’re actually smarter than him. The Grimbots speak in bleeps and can roll up into balls for rapid escape from the Go Jetters.

Xuli is the xpert pilot of the crew! She pilots the Go Jetters’ Vroomster, she loves travelling at high speed and can nail the perfect landing. Xuli thinks and reacts fast under pressure and her team amtes know they can trust her at the controls. Xuli loves more modern landmarks with a bit of style and design. She also enjoys taking photos and videos of the places she and the rest of the Go Jetters explore.

Kyan puts the ‘Go’ in Go Jetters – he is a skilled gymnast who dives straight in, acting first and thinking later. Kyan loves the outdoors and is not one to sit still. He really loves to explore natural landmarks – especially challenging ones where he can climb and dive off from! Kyan’s bursting energy can often lead to comedic moments on the Jet Pad but it’s always the best of intentions on his part.

Lars is the mechanic and gentle giant of the group. He is a thinker and likes to come up with solutions for problems before tacking them. A botanist as well as mechanic, he loves plants just as much as his pliers. He specialised in engineering at the Go Jet Academy and he loves landmarks that are the biggest of their kind, such as the tallest tower5 or the longest bridge. Lars talks less than his chattering team mates, but when he does speak, you really listen.

Foz is the hyperactive brains of the crew. He is slightly younger than the others but was accepted into the Go Jet academy due to his advanced mathematical and strategic thinking skills. He’s earned every medal for code breaking and puzzle solving and when he can’t get the information out quick enough, he sometimes talks in equations! He loves landmarks that involve some kind of ancient history or mystery

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