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Meet the Cloudbabies

Meet the Cloudbabies

The Cloudbabies have taken over for a full two weeks, so say hello to our favourite colourful babies…

Everyone identifies with these gentle characters, but which one is most like your little one. Don’t forget to join in our Skyworld Picture wall here if you have a little Cloudbabies fan at home.

Baba Blue – the practical one

He has a toolbox filled with tools for fixing holes in the Moon, glue for mending cracks in the Rainbow and other useful things. Whatever the task, Baba Blue will always try to tackle it. He is very enthusiastic in his work and always keen to prove he can do jobs quickly and efficiently. His haste can lead to clumsiness and make him a little accident prone.

Baba Pink – the nurturing one

She has a star adorned bag which contains her Caring Kit. If there’s a scrape to put a plaster on, a tear to be wiped away, a dirty mark on Moon to be washed off or a patch to be sewn onto a cloud. Baba Pink will be there to do it. She is gentle and sympathetic but can also be a little bossy.

Baba Yellow – the creative one

She is a real ray of sunshine, cheerful and optimistic. She is a daydreamer and often has her head in the clouds. She is very artistic – she sings, plays music and paints using the paint from the Paintwell to keep Rainbow’s stripes bright and colourful.

Baba Green – the down to earth one

He is the quiet one of the group, a thoughtful if somewhat serious character who is happiest in the Sky Garden tending to his plants. He’s a methodical problem solver arriving at the right solution after a lot of thought. He’s not a Cloudbaby to be hurried and will always want to finish the job in hand.

Bobo White – the sky imp

Bobo White is a little sky imp and the youngest member of the group. The Cloudbabies found him asleep at the bottom of the rainbow and raised him like a brother. He’s energetic, mischievous, and curious and tests boundaries like most toddlers.

Of course there are many other characters to discover too such as Little Star and Fuffa Cloud, To see them all check out the Cloudbabies website here.

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