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Meet the Grossery Gang!

Meet the Grossery Gang!

With over 150 characters to collect, you may get your Pukey Cookie mixed up with your Sour Milk but don’t you fear…as we have brought you the rundown of the top characters you can collect in the Grossery Gang!

Shoccoli a.k.a. Doc Brocc

He may have a wilted head and an offensive smell, but Doc Brocc still fancies himself the brains of the gang – and considering the other members, who are we to argue? Constantly tinkering on new insane inventions using stuff he scavenges from the store, Doc never fails to whip up miracles of mad science just as all hope seems lost – or zap himself silly when he flicks the switch!

Putrid Pizza a.k.a. Pizza Face

The Gooey Chewy, the Slice With Lice, the Big Cheese – this charismatic but putrid piece of pizza pie goes by many names, but only one seems to stick (to the floor, mostly): Pizza Face! Pizza Face is the never-say-die leader of this ragtag crew, a congealed mastermind who loves nothing more than to find fun in the unlikeliest (and grossest) of places.

Rotten egg a.k.a. Egghead

The last to have expired and therefore the youngest of the group, Egghead is in a constant struggle to catch up to his peers. He is the Freshman of the group, Egghead may be a bit slow, but that doesn’t stop him from jumping into the gang’s adventures head first! And feet first. Especially since he forgets which is which. Hey, he’s round!

Sticky Soda a.k.a. Sparkles

Light-hearted, friendly and positively upbeat… are not the kind of words anyone would use to describe Sparkles. A soda whose fizz ran out long ago, Sparkles walks on the dry side with an hilariously acidic aftertaste. What she lacks in sweetness she more than makes up for in savvy sarcasm and biting retorts!

Dodgey Donut a.k.a. Rocky Donut

Hard as a Rock and loves to Roll, Rocky Donut is the wildest party animal in the aisle!
Rude, crude and barely food, Rocky Donut’s priorities in life are partying, partying, and partying – not necessarily in that order. But when the chips are down (and they often are after Rocky knocks every bag off the shelves), this bodacious baked good is the one you want on your side!

Fungus Fries

Surprisingly nutty for a box of spuds, Fungus Fries is proof that you don't need to be crazy to live in the Yucky Mart - but it sure helps. This merry madman can often be found shouting out barely intelligible sentences. Fungus' impulsive insanity has a tendency to ruin the gang's best laid plans, but they can't stay mad at the loopy tuber for long - he's just so happy! All the time. So, so happy. It's unnerving, really.


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