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Meet the new lil’ Sized Little Live Pets

Meet the new lil’ Sized Little Live Pets

Little Live Pets have been a favourite on ever since they first launched. Each tiny electronic pal is not only super cute but also makes for a great friend. That’s why it’s safe to say when we found out about the new pets in the range we were not only excited to see them but also to share them with you!

Lil’ Frogs

The Little Live Pets Lil’ Frogs (£12.99) are the coolest hopping pets around that act so real! Each pet frog can not only hop on land but also swim in water. If that’s not enough the Lil’ Frog Lilypad (£19.99) is available. Including exclusive pet frog and floating lilypad, it makes the perfect home for your amphibious friend!

Sticking with the water theme, also included in the range are the Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtles (£12.99). Just like the frogs the turtles can move both on land and in the water. Season 3 has four new turtles to collect with individual shell designs along with a new Turtle Tank (£19.99) that includes its own exclusive crystal turtle!

Lil’ Mouse

This autumn your kids can get their hands on 6 brand new Lil’ Mice (£9.99) from the Little Live Pets range that scurry around just like real mice! Pet them and watch them come to life! The Mouse House (£19.99) comes with exclusive mouse and includes a wheel for your pet mouse to spin, and the new Fun Park (£29.99) provides a fantastic play track for your mice to run in. Connect the two baby mice to the mummy who can then drop them off at the ferris wheel slide! verdict

After taking a look at all the above Little Live Pets we have to say we love these lil’ pet pals. They are not only affordable but also a great way to teach children the importance of looking after animals. That’s why we have to score them a rating of 9/10.

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