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Meet the new Series 5 Zelfs

Meet the new Series 5 Zelfs

This season of The Zelfs is all about hair and the wilder and more colourful the better! Series 5 Zelfs now have Zelftastic patterned hair-dos that are to dye for! Colourful stripes, spots and streaks and animal print are all the rage! Series 5 brings new Zelfs and new styles.

It’s GLOWTIME in Zardenia! Any Zelfs fan will be excited about the arrival of Princess Crystella (RRP £19.99). At 24cm tall Princess Crystella, the magical light up zelf has hair that lights up the night telling all of her loyal followers that it’s time for some Crystal Magic! Watch as this Zelfs hair glows in the dark. Amazing!

The bigger the Zelf,the more there is to love! That's why Super Zelfs (RRP £9.99) are so cool! Six new large Zelfs have arrived, with the coolest printed hair and come with a hair spiral to swirl your Zelf’s hair up!

Say hello to the Zelfs you've always dreamed about. New for series 5 are the magical Crystal Zelfs (RRP £7.99). These magical Zelfs help create wonderful dreams using their Crystal Powers that come from the powers of the crystal on their bodies! Each Zelf comes with a magical crystal accessory too!

Series 5 also brings new hair-raisingly cute Medium Zelfs (RRP £5.99) – With so many new Medium Zelfs to collect there is something for everyone. From Wizzkas the Winged Kitty Zelf to Sneak-a-boo the Monster Zelf we love them all!

Let’s not forget series 5’s Limited Edition Zelf; Pearleen the Angelic Mermaid Zelf. See how you can redeem here

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