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Midwife crisis in England!

Midwife crisis in England!

If you’re an expectant mum then the news today will be shocking to you!

Our midwives are seriously under pressure, with staff shortages and a lack of beds they simply cannot cope with today’s demands.
The huge shortage of 3,500 full time midwives puts so much pressure on the maternity department that last year they have even had to turn some pregnant women away!

Childbirth is already a stressful time and expectant mums don’t need the pressure of thinking that when they arrive at a maternity unit there may not be a bed waiting for them there! There is already so much uncertainty for new mothers and they rely on the NHS to feel safe about childbirth.

As an expectant mother you have a well-rehearsed birth plan; the journey to the hospital is planned down to the last second, the bag is packed and the driving route is planned out, all in hope that you will get to the hospital in record time. But imagine arriving at the hospital and they are under staffed or they cannot get you to a bed straight away. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare!

That’s why it’s hard to believe that midwife wards closed a massive 382 times last year, some closed overnight while others were closed over 24 hours! A Department of Health spokesperson said that these temporary closures in NHS maternity units are “well-rehearsed safety measures” which they use during peak times in admissions.

It is awful that they have to close services to be safer because the units are so under staffed! The midwives are coping to their best ability but there is simply not enough funding to allow them to do their jobs.

If you are an expectant mum or have experienced this yourself, let us know your thoughts about these shocking figures on Facebook and Twitter.

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