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More Brits take holiday get-aways

More Brits take holiday get-aways

With ongoing travel fears, you’d think fewer people would want to go on holiday these days. Not so, it seems! Surprising new data has been released showing that despite fears from terrorism, Zika and Brexit, to name just a few, soaring numbers of Brits are going away for a holiday. In fact, this year saw the largest number of holidaymakers for five years!

The new data shows that despite the dangers, 10% more Brits are taking holidays and, interestingly, more people are opting for city breaks as opposed to traditional beach destinations. The study reported by the Mirror also found that in 2016, the number of British holidaymakers rose by 8.9% from the previous year, with nearly nine out of 10 (86%) of us going on a getaway abroad or at home, compared to 77% in 2015. This is the largest figure for the UK population for half a decade!

According to the study, the average Brit takes 3.4 holidays per year, up from 3.2! Have you reconsidered your family’s holidaying habits as a result of what’s going on in the world at the moment, or are you refusing to give up on your favourite destinations? We’d love to know. Tell us over on our Facebook and Twitter

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