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More kids can use a smartphone than tie their shoelaces

More kids can use a smartphone than tie their shoelaces

Are your kids more computer literate than you? Are they a whiz with your iPhone but struggle to ride a bike?

Technology plays an increasingly important part of everyday life, with apps that are specifically aimed at kids it’s hard to encourage them to get outdoors for a good old fashioned run around.

A recent study carried out by the Australian security company AVG showed that young kids learn tech skills before life skills. The study found that more kids aged 2–5 can play with a smartphone application than tie his or her shoelaces and more small children can play a computer game than ride a bike!

Kids are growing up in a completely different environment to their parents so it’s hard to know when they are spending too much time on the computer. Here are a few tips for keeping kids safe online:

1. Keep children off social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
2. Keep parental control software on your computer
3. Stick to a limit of how much time they can spend on the computer a day
4. Keep the computer in the living room so that you can closely monitor them
5. Stay informed about safety on the internet

How do you monitor your kid’s use of technology? Are your kids more advanced than you when it comes to technology? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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