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Boy suffers heart-breaking birthday no-show

Boy suffers heart-breaking birthday no-show

It’s certainly no fun when no-one shows up to your big event. It’s bad enough when you’re an adult but totally devastating when you’re a little boy and no-one turns up to your birthday party! Prepare for a heart-breaking story.

Young Mahlon was all exited for his ninth birthday party, he’d invited friends in his class. Picture the scene: The party table was laid, games were set out, enough pizza to feed an army and a large cake had been organised, too….but not one of his friends turned up! How upsetting is that! Understandably, poor Mahlon was devastated and he told his dad “I guess I’m not very popular at school”. The heart-wrenching incident led his mum, who goes by the pen name Kirsten Layne, of Oregon, to write an emotive blog urging parents to RSVP.

As the MailOnline reports, she said: “Words cannot describe the utter and complete devastation that washed over me... seeing my heartbroken little boy sitting all alone at his brightly decorated, empty party table was more than I could take.”  She also added that she is 'too devastated to be angry' at the parents of the children who were invited and urged parents to make sure that they RSVP to all birthday party invites in future.

The good news is a tonne of family turned up to help Mahlon celebrate his special day and he’s received a host of gifts from well-wishers worldwide since the story went viral.

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