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Mum faced with demand for ‘stained’ designer bag

Mum faced with demand for ‘stained’ designer bag

So, you’re on a long-haul flight, there’s lots of turbulence and your child vomits up all over the floor. Not nice! Problem is their sick has made its way down the aisle and to a passenger’s bag. It’s an embarrassing situation made worse when you find out the price!

This was no high street handbag and this really happened to one unfortunate mother. Imagine the mum’s face when she was told by the bag’s owner that it was a designer Louis Vuitton tote … worth an eye-watering £900! Apparently, there was no visual damage but the owner complained her designer bag had been stained by the stench of sick. The story doesn’t end there, either. As the Metro reports, after landing the woman sent the family a follow-up email saying that Louis Vuitton hadn’t been able to get rid of the ‘ingrained’ smell of puke, and that they needed to pay for her to replace it.

The mum took to Mumsnet for advice and news of the incident has divided opinion. Some say it’s the mum’s responsibility, after all her son caused the bag to end up in a state. However, others question why the complaining passenger had such an expensive bag in the first place and why she’d put it on the floor.

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