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Mum potty trains baby from BIRTH

Mum potty trains baby from BIRTH

Potty training! We really feel for all mums and dads going through what can be a long and horrendous process right now. Encouraging little one’s use of a potty or toilet can be a nightmare for many parents, and we know how stressful it can be here at UKMums.TV.

That’s why this story caught our eye today. It’s about a mum called Cindy Lever who’s got in early on the potty training act, by refusing to put her baby in nappies from BIRTH! As the MailOnline reports, the mum from Australia has adopted a technique called ‘elimination communication’, or natural infant hygiene, to know when her baby daughter Chloe needs to do a poo or wee!

The yoga instructor and freelance journalist holds her baby over a sink to relieve herself, a detail which has been met with disgust from the online community. Do you think this mum’s potty, or spot on for trying to get the toilet training ordeal over and done with asap?

Cindy, who says a nappy is something babies get used to when their cues to go the toilet are not heard or understood, planned to adopt the process while she was pregnant and says her husband thought she’d gone mad but is also addicted to it as well. She’s quoted as saying: “A lot of people think it is too hard or don't believe a baby can communicate its need to do wee or poo. However, just as they can let us know when they are tired, hungry or when they have wind, if we slow down and tune in it is possible to read their toileting needs too.”

What do you think? Is this potty or something you wish you’d tried? Let us know and share your potty training tips with other mums and dads over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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