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Mum’s appeal for bug bitten daughter

Mum’s appeal for bug bitten daughter

Here at UKMum’s.TV we can only imagine how devastating it must be to know your child is in so much pain they want to die.

So our hearts go out to a mum whose daughter’s still suffering an astonishing 11 years since a bug bit her in the back garden.

Theresa Keep’s daughter Kirsty was struck down by a mystery illness after being bitten when she was 12, and has been in chronic pain ever since. Now 23, her condition has worsened recently, so much so Kirsty is begging to be taken to a Swiss suicide clinic.

As the Metro reports, Theresa, from Maidstone, Kent, said: “She can’t take medication as she’s vomiting so much, she’s tired, she’s weak and she wants to die.
“Kirsty is saying it’s too much and just take her to Switzerland as she has no faith left.”

Theresa believes it was a tick that bit her and Kirsty may have Lyme Disease, but tests in the UK came back negative.  The family says their only hope is a treatment centre in Florida, U.S. called the Sponaugle Wellness Institute which may provide an answer to the mystery. However, they worry time is running out to raise the cash needed for treatment to start in June.

They have launched a fundraising page and thanks to generous souls on the internet they have already raised more than £20,000.

We hope you reach your target soon, Kirsty.

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