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Myleene Klass slammed for Mums on Benefits show

Myleene Klass slammed for Mums on Benefits show

Celebrity mum Myleene Klass has been slammed for presenting a TV documentary about parents on benefits.

The former pop singer fronted the show "Mums on Benefits", which aired on ITV last night. It saw her investigate how single mums spend their money, but viewers quickly turned to social media to criticise the mum-of-two whose marriage to their dad broke down in 2013. They accused her of being patronising and too rich and privileged to be able to show empathy.

As the Mirror reports, viewers watched the presenter meet self-proclaimed ‘Welfare Queen’ Marie Buchan, an unemployed single mum-of-eight, who declared her £26,000 benefits weren’t enough. She also met teen mums and single dads.

Klass herself raises her daughters, Ava, eight, and Hero, five, alone. However, some viewers questioned how she could empathise with their struggle because of her wealth. One viewer is quoted as saying on Twitter: "oh yes myleene you are EXACTLY the same as those single dads .. They've all get (sic) 11 million quid in the bank too.”

But Myleene was honest during the programme as she expressed how she feels about being a single mum. “I used to be afraid of the term,” she said. “I felt like I had failed my children. But now I’m really proud of it.”

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