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Mysterious gas washes over UK tourist hotspot!

Mysterious gas washes over UK tourist hotspot!

The Bank Holiday weekend had some unexpected sun and it finally felt like it was summer again! Albeit not for long, we’re back to the same drab, grey weather that we have become so accustomed to now! For a few short days over the weekend the weather was wonderful! But for some beachgoers it was not so great!

Up and down the UK families we enjoying the sun, the Bank Holiday had everyone rushing to their cars quickly heading to the closest beach! However, some holidaymakers were met with an unexpected guest when they arrived at Beachy Head in East Sussex over the weekend. 

A toxic haze descended upon the tourist hotspot and families had to cut their beachy bank Holiday plans short after the beaches had to be evacuated! The gas washed over the beach from the sea and left beachgoers with itchy eyes and irritation following being exposed to the mysterious gas. There were then a further 240 holidaymakers hospitalised where they had to be decontaminated from the unknown substance too!

The unknown chemical haze drifted across the entire coastal area from Birling Gap to Eastbourne and the whole area had to be evacuated by the coastguard! There is still so much confusion around what happened as gas is thought to have come from the sea but it is still unclear on exactly what it was – very mysterious!

Did the unknown haze affect your Bank Holiday weekend plans? Were you on Beachy Head when the gas cloud descended on the beach? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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