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New alternative to uncomfortable mammogram

New alternative to uncomfortable mammogram

Whilst you may not look forward to a mammogram they are an important part of women’s health. They are credited with saving 1,300 lives each year in the UK as they can detect a lump up to two years before it can be felt, and the earlier you catch breast cancer the better.

Mammograms involve the breast being squeezed by two x-ray plates, the procedure is not entirely accurate and can produce false positives in some cases and can miss tumours in as much as 1 of 6 cases.

According to the Daily Mail scientists are now looking to test a new mammogram alternative which is set to me more accurate and less uncomfortable. The new way to screen for breast cancer involves a form of ultrasound administered while the breast is suspended in a bath of warm water. It is hoped that this new tech will give a clear image of even dense breast tissue and will be able to detect cancer earlier.

The test is currently being designed so that it will be able to be used at GP surgeries eliminating the need for those hospital visits every three years. But it still needs to be rigorously tested before you will see it in your local GP surgery.

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