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Oscars 2018 highlights.

Oscars 2018 highlights.

Another year, another Oscars which means more glitz and glam and awards! The winners of the night included titles such as Dunkirk, The Greatest Showman and Baby Driver. Awards included best production design, best foreign language film, best editing and much more. However, the star of the night was Three Billboards Outside Ebbing star Frances McDormand.

Winner of the best actress accolade, Frances used her speech to reach out to all the females within the industry.

In the acceptance speech she thanked all actors, family and friends and film makers for making her dreams possible. Frances persuaded every female nominee to stand with her in a night full of statements about inclusion. 

Frances’ acceptance speech was acknowledged by the female actresses and they got to their feet as she put her Oscar on the floor in front of her. It was one of the most powerful and symbolic moments of the night.

"If I could have all the female nominees in this room stand with me tonight the actors, the film makers, the directors, the writers, the photographers, the song writers.. Ok everybody look around, we all have stories to tell.” She said.
Jennifer Lawrence presented Frances with best actress award and introduced the category by saying “It’s a new day in Hollywood, with new challenges ahead for all of us.”

“But none of us will ever forget those who came before us – those who blazed a trail for my generation and those to come.”
Top winner of the night was The Shape of Water, a film about a woman who falls in love with a sea creature and has taken the top spot at the Oscars winning the most awards with four, including best film and best supporting actor.

To see a list of what was awarded at the Oscars visit The Guardian

To watch highlights from the ceremony, click here

Or to view some Red carpet glamour head over to BBC

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