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Outdoor fun with Peppa Pig!

Outdoor fun with Peppa Pig!

This week on, the new range of classically-inspired Peppa Pig toys has taken over! The new toy range is all about the iconic Peppa Pig characters, themes and places from the TV show which pre-schoolers know and love.

One of the classic activities that Peppa and George enjoy is taking a trip to the playground! With the new Outdoor Fun Slide and Outdoor Fun Swing, children can join in on the fun and take Peppa to the playground for hours of fun!

Peppa’s love for the outdoors has inspired us and made us think just how beneficial it is for children to play outside regularly. Not only is it one of the most classic and fun activities for kids, but it also has great benefits for their health and development. Read on to find out more:


As children start mingling and interacting with one another, a whole host of skills are developed behind the scenes. It’s the perfect location for children to put lessons they’ve learned into practice, such as taking turns and the importance of sharing.

The playground is also perfect place for children to improve their vocabulary and communication skills! Whether it’s playing imaginatively with Peppa’s Outdoor Fun playsets, or actually playing outdoors, children will learn new words from each other and communicate in new ways.
Physical benefits

It looks like a walk in the park when children are swinging on monkey bars and running around but playground play is actually a really energetic and vigorous form of exercise!  In terms of overall health, playing outdoors is also a no-brainer. For a stronger immune system and for healthy levels of vitamin D, there’s no place like outside for your children.

Which Peppa Pig Outdoor Fun playset would your little ones like to play with?

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